Cj The Great! (boigrrl1der) wrote in tgcrossroads,
Cj The Great!

Volunteer with FTM Pride

Through courage and pride 'we must embrace our own best sense of self.' We have faced, fought and overcome obstacles that many have never faced or tripped on. Yet, We struggle for a sense of self and for a sense of pride... FTM Pride.

This site has a simple mission, helping guys and girls like us to embrace that pride within. Through community outreach and workshop programming we strive for a sense of unity among a community that can easily be 'lost', and forgotten about. We urge transguys, FtM's and MTF's along with gender variants of ALL forms to come out from 'blending' to help their younger siblings walk the path that they so courageously faced themselves. And while we are called FTM Pride, we also take pride in being open to ALL Transgender and Transsexual people and their Significant Others, Friends, Families and Allies.

To learn more about FTM Pride please visit www.ftmpride.com
To join our volunteer group visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ftmpride_volunteers/
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