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Seeking Transgender/Intersex Participants

I am a student who is doing a project about Transgender issues for one of my social work classes. The subject is in relation to bodies and space. I am going to take a social constructionist approach to looking at the assumptions that are taken for granted about bodies and space, and by doing so, I hope to use the analogy of transgender or intersexed ideas in this project. I am seeking people who would be willing to particiapte in answering a few questions that I can then use in my presentation. I am not sure how people would like to do this, but I will leave the questions here and if you wish to answer them, then that would be great. If you would rather keep it more private and email them to me that is fine as well. (scot1669@wlu.ca)

If you wish to be identified with an alias name, then make sure you make that clear, otherwise I will use your livejournal name. I REALLY apprecaite you helping me with this as I think there is no better way to go about it then to take the words right from those who are transgender or intersexed to use in my project. If you are aware of another community I should cross post this to, then please let me know. Thanks for taking the time to read and respond to this post. I take this issue very seriously and I am glad I have found this comunity to share my thoughts with.

1. What does it mean to you to be transgender or intersexed? How do you identify and why?
2. What did it take for you to come to your identity label? Please elaborate on the process in terms
of your personal experiences.
3. What obstacles do you face as a transgender or intersex person and how does that affect your daily
4. What do you think about the default gender labels that are currently used in society (male/female?)
5. What do you think should be done in society to change the current discrmination that transgender or
intersexed individuals face?
6. Your age

If there is anything else you would like to share please do so (research, websites, gove info - anything).
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